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Wedding Videographers

Are you thinking about hiring a wedding videographer for your luxury wedding day? Look no further than Champagne Weddings, we have handpicked a selection of wedding videographers who will be sure to perfectly capture every thought-out detail of your dream wedding day.

Once you have booked your luxury venue and your dream photographer, this is something to consider. Being able to keep a beautifully edited film for years to come is a privilege and something you can share with individuals who could not make it to the wedding, bringing your wedding to life for them. The quality of the video footage that is produced will reflect the true atmosphere of the day.

Will they be in the way?

This is a common question we get asked and the answer is no. The handpicked selection of videographers we have chosen are professionals with years of experience. If they are good at their job they will be unobtrusive and you shouldn’t even notice that they are there.

A good videographer will capture everything that is going on, even the moments that the couple do not register themselves. The video footage will offer more than just wedding photographs, but will capture conversations, music and most importantly laughter.

Do we need to video the day?

It isn’t very common to have a videographer, however, after speaking to couples that had one they always say “we are so glad we did”! It is very common to feel as though the day passed by in a blur, so having this footage to look back on is very special for couples. Imagine watching back your vows, which you were probably very nervous about, so did not really register as you would have hoped.

Social Media

In the fast moving world of social media, it is likely that videos capturing your day will be posted online before you have even had a chance to log on following your wedding day. The benefit of having a professional wedding videographer is that you will also have access to the beautifully edited footage alongside this which you can choose to share with family and friends online. Many Ministers and Celebrants will only allow wedding videographers to capture the ceremony, as opposed to friends and family, therefore this is a moment only you will have access to.

If you are looking for a wedding videographer to capture your luxury wedding professionally and tastefully then look no further. Here is our handpicked collection of companies that you can trust.

Mark Shipperley Films

Mark Shipperley Films

Primary area : Buckinghamshire

Mark Shipperley Films wedding filmmakers producing luxury cinematic wedding films throughout the UK & Worldwide

Big Day 360

Big Day 360

Primary area : Central London

This is the new big thing for weddings! Re live your wedding day in amazing 360 degree video. Delivered in a simple click to view on any flat screen. Magical!