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Wedding entertainment can make a wedding celebration reach a new level of fun. If you’re looking for a DJ that is going to get everyone dancing or provide endless love songs, we have a selection of wedding discos and DJs trusted to make your celebration incredible. If you are also looking for other wedding entertainment or wedding musicians then we have a handpicked selection of these too for your luxury wedding day.

How can I get everyone dancing at my wedding?

We know how scary it can be worrying that your guests will not enjoy themselves or get involved. The best way to ensure that everyone gets up and starts dancing is to hire a wedding DJ who do this for you.

Many performers are experts in getting all of your guests on their feet, and this largely comes down to music choice. Make sure that you discuss with your wedding DJ the music that you and your guests will enjoy. It is also possible to set up a system where guests can make requests prior to, and during, the reception.

How do I choose my DJ?

Firstly, you can look at our handpicked selection of wedding Discos and DJs that have experience catering for luxury weddings. Following this, look at the areas that they cover and whether they specialise in any particular genres.

What equipment do they use?

Many luxury wedding venues offer grand ballrooms and tall ceilings, therefore it is important that your wedding DJ has top of the range equipment to make the quality sound incredible in these unusual event spaces.

It is also important to ask whether your wedding DJ has back-up equipment in case of emergencies!

What should the song for my first dance be?

If you are struggling with deciding on a first dance song then your wedding DJ may be able to help you. They will have years of experience and years of first dance songs that they have played and shared in that experience. If the thought of your first dance gives you palpitations then taking some dance classes might be a good option for you.

Anyone can purchase equipment and call themselves a DJ, just like anyone who owns a camera can call themselves a photographer. It is a very important occasion so you need to ensure you have a professional onboard. When looking at possible luxury wedding DJs be sure to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Lastly, make sure you ask how the DJ themselves will be presented. You are having your wedding in a 5-star venue so this needs to be reflected in all the staff you hire for your luxury wedding celebration.

Disco Somerset - DJ Darren Jewell

Disco Somerset - DJ Darren Jewell

Primary area : Bristol and Somerset

djdarrenjewell.comWedding Dj based in Weston-Super-Mare, covering Bath, BristolFrom large ballrooms to small rooms.We are fully transparent as give a full breakdown on the price we charge, and why?



Primary area : Oxfordshire

Incandescence is Dave Buckett. I'm a specialist Wedding DJ / Host with over 30 years of experience. From the arrival of your guests, to the end of your reception, any requirements for sound and lighting will be professionally fulfilled.

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