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Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake needs to reflect the luxury wedding that you have spent months organising. It needs to be in keeping with your theme and style, but also taste delicious!

I’m sure that you have looked at hundreds of luxury wedding cake pictures online and are amazed at the different designs, shapes and decorations that are possible.

A professional wedding cake designer will meet with you and your partner and eagerly learn about what you have planned for your celebration. They will take into consideration your theme colours and the type of wedding that you are organising, for example, a beach wedding, woodland wedding or a luxury country house wedding.

The design is everything when looking for a luxury wedding cake. Luxury cakes exude elegance and grandiosity, which is achieved through an intricate design and impressive decoration. Whether you are looking for sophisticated edible flowers, pearlescent details or intricate piping, the handpicked selection of wedding cake designers that we have on offer can achieve all of these and more...

Wedding Cake Tasting

Let’s be honest, whilst it is important what the cake looks like, it is also important to have a delicious combination of sponge and icing. Each of your guests are going to enjoy a slice, if not two, and no doubt there will be some available for you to take home. It is also tradition to pop a slice in your freezer and enjoy it on your first wedding anniversary. A good cake designer and maker will give you endless samples to try, making sure that you are happy with the final combination.

Individual Cakes

Wedding cupcakes are on the rise and are quickly becoming one of the most popular treats for your wedding day. These can be individually iced and designed, then assembled on a stand to create an incredible centerpiece for your cake table. If you still want to cut the cake, why not add a larger top tier for the ceremonial cutting.


A wedding croquembouche or “piece montee” is a stunning cascade of choux pastry and creme patisserie encased in delicate caramel strands. This French delicacy provides a spectacular centrepiece for your reception.

They can vary in size depending on the number of wedding guests and can be dramatically cut using a sword. Arranged in a pyramid shape, it is dramatic and alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Another less traditional option, which is also arranged in a pyramid, is a macaroon cake. These little treats can also be used to decorate a larger cake or be constructed to make the cake themselves. Macaroons can be made in virtually every colour and a variety of flavours.

Whether you are looking for chocolate cake, fruit cake or something more unique, browse our selection of luxury wedding cake suppliers and you will not be disappointed by the incredible designs that they can create.

Minnie Field Cake Design & School

Minnie Field Cake Design & School

Primary area : Oxfordshire

Minnie Field Cake Design specialise in luxury bespoke wedding cakes and beautiful edible wedding favours. Since 2011 award winning designer Minnie has been creating designer wedding cakes and edible favours in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.