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Here at Champagne weddings we think not only of your wedding day, but the continuation of the celebration to your honeymoon. We have a selection of handpicked honeymoon planners and resorts on offer to give you the honeymoon of your dreams.

The resorts on offer are as luxurious and your wedding day will be, making sure that you continue to feel like royalty until the very end of your celebrations.

Have you thought about the type of honeymoon you are looking for? Do you want a break packed with activities, a destination to relax on the beach, or a mix of both? A honeymoon planner could help you decide and offer direction to ensure that every moment of your honeymoon is as memorable as your luxurious wedding day.

Are you looking for a honeymoon planner?

A honeymoon planner is an  ideal way to take some of the stress away from wedding planning. Honeymoons can be difficult to plan as you are organising from the other side of the world and have a wedding to plan all at the same time!

The recommendations and insight that a honeymoon planner can offer are invaluable. You do not want to travel to your destination and not make the most of the experience. As a result, they can make sure that you do not miss a thing and you do not even need to think about any details yourselves.

Planning your dream honeymoon is what they do best and they will create an incredible luxury trip that is one of a kind for you and your partner.

Luxury resorts

Is there anything more disappointing than turning up at your hotel or resort and not being 100% happy with it? The honeymoon planners that we have handpicked are specialists in their area and have extensive knowledge of the resorts on offer. Your honeymoon planner will get to know you and your partner and fully understand your expectations and honeymoon dreams before suggesting destinations, luxury resorts and unforgettable activities.

We have also handpicked a selection of resorts and hotels that we know are the epitome of luxury. These luxury resorts offer rooftop terraces, infinity pools, incredible views and mouth-watering cuisine. We know that you will not be disappointed after selecting any of these resorts.

It is easy to sideline planning your honeymoon due to the demanding task of planning your glamorous wedding, however, it is important to book early as luxury destinations are exclusive and popular.

Take a look at our handpicked selection of luxury honeymoon destinations and resorts. If you need assistance or would like someone else to create your dream honeymoon, then also browse our trusted luxury honeymoon planners who will create a unique and unforgettable post-wedding trip.

Marry Me Cyprus

Marry Me Cyprus

Primary area : Overseas

Luxury Destination Weddings in Cyprus with an Independent Professional Award Winning Wedding Planner - Marry Me Cyprus, Katie Williams Putting the pieces together for your Cyprus Dream Wedding

Beyond Weddings

Beyond Weddings

Primary area : Oxfordshire

Beyond Weddings is the ultimate resource of handpicked exclusive and exciting wedding venues worldwide, for discerning couples looking for a wedding destination beyond their imagination.

The Liming

The Liming

Primary area : Overseas

The Liming, Bequia, is an ultra luxurious island resort with a pristine golden beach and manicured lush gardens. This is a truly unique and intimate resort for your romantic wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean.

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