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Wedding Music

You may have already selected a wedding DJ and other luxury wedding entertainment, but are you considering hiring a musician to provide live music?

We love the idea of having live music to accompany your day. Live musicians are professionals who can create an atmosphere for your celebration, whether that is during the ceremony or to get the party started.

When choosing the music to accompany your wedding it is important to think about the atmosphere you are trying to create; stately and regal for the entrance of the bridal party, meaningful and romantic during the signing of the registry and triumphant and joyful for the recessional.

Ceremony and Signing

Before you walk down the aisle, the music that you play is going to set the atmosphere for the whole day. You will want to create an air of romance and suspense for your guests who are excited to see you and your partner tie the knot. If you would like a live musician for this, why not consider a harpist or string quartet.

The signing can sometimes be a little tedious for your guests. Whilst you take care of the legalities, it is important to provide music for your guests to enjoy. You will require a piece of music around 5 minutes long. Typically, this music is instrumental, which will contrast the celebratory recessional music that will follow as you leave the venue as newlyweds. Having live music at this point of the day gives the guests something to watch and enjoy.


We love the idea of having live music to accompany your drinks reception following the ceremony. This will set the atmosphere for the reception that follows and makes every moment more memorable for your guests.

You will be embarking on your first dance as a newlywed couple and you also want all of your guests on their feet throughout the evening. Having a live band provides a different atmosphere at this moment compared to a wedding disco, creating a romantic unforgettable memory for your first dance.

The great thing about having a musician is that they are a professional and will help get all of your guests dancing. There is typically more interaction with guests and the atmosphere is contagious.

Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Band

Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Band

Primary area : Buckinghamshire

Trust in Steelasophical to enhance any part of your special day. You'll remember how we made you feel, with music to Vow WOW Mix Mingle Wine Dine & Dance. Booking into the next 3 years, so let's start a conversation today ...

Boujee Music

Boujee Music

Primary area : Central London

Are you wading through a sea of identical-sounding bands? Don't worry, Boujee Music is here to help! We'll help you find the perfect live music for your wedding, then take care of all the details - so you can just celebrate and enjoy your day!



Primary area : West London

SALUT are an international show band based in London. They specialise in luxury weddings worldwide & are full of fresh, young and super talented individuals. They're now one of the most booked up and acclaimed international bands for luxury weddings.